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As a consultant for Australian Wool Innovations, Pera Davies traveled throughout Australia running injury awareness and prevention workshops for wool harvesting industry workers. 

While working in Australia Pera innovated and patented a self-massage apparatus the SFC Roller offering the same benefits as a sports massage.

The SFC Roller is a user-friendly alternative to a single foam roller because the combined surface area of the three rollers places less pressure on sensitive myofascial trigger point areas. This allows users to spend more time rolling back and forth on sensitive areas until the tenderness eases.

How to use the SFC Roller

Our video library gives your team the tools to safely and effectively pinpoint muscle pain.

Even with the best prevention efforts, labour-intensive industries suffer from a high rate of musculoskeletal injuries. The SFC Roller is a holistic treatment that gives your team the tools to manage their rehabilitation, and to work free from aches and pains.

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Supporting Workplace Wellness

Over time, physically demanding jobs take their toll on the body - even with the best Health & Safety and injury prevention procedures in place. Teams in labour-intensive industries are particularly vulnerable to musculoskeletal pain and tenderness, and without strong injury management strategies your employees are held back from performing at their best.

The SFC Roller is a tool that your staff can use at home or in the workplace, to support better management of muscle pain. It was developed for the physically demanding farming industry - if it can support the high-intensity work of shearers, it can support your team!

We provide thorough onsite training workshops, supported by our full video library. Our workshops are delivered in a way which is approachable, interactive, and in language the whole team will understand. 

The SFC Roller In Action

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